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May, 2023

50th Anniversary Home Run Derby

Bring the kids out to watch the Saturday morning games and enter the derby to test their power hitting abilities! The Home Run Derby is open to all kids of the listed age groups who are registered players of RELL. All
registered players will receive a wristband at check-in, good for one hot dog, drink, and a bag of chips. All
participants are required to submit a waiver signed by their guardian prior to participating. We encourage
all participants to wear their team jersey or 50th anniversary shirt.

Time and Place
Saturday, May 20th
Redwood Fields
$15 registration

Age Groups
12:00 PM Ages 6 and 7 (pitching machine)
1:00 PM Ages 8 and 9 (coach pitch)
2:30 PM Ages 10, 11 and 12 (coach pitch)
4:00 PM Ages 13, 14 and 15 (coach pitch)
5:00 PM Coaches Hit-A-Thon (coach that raises the most money for the hit-a-thon will win a pizza party)
Times are subject to change based on the amount of participants and completion time.

In the first round, everyone will have 10 pitches to hit as many home runs as possible. Home run territory shall be
anywhere over the fence between the foul pole lines. The fences will be moved in for each age group. Each batter is
entitled to one (1) 30 sec. time out that can be taken at any point during the round.The hitter has the option of not
swinging at a pitch. The top 4 home run hitters for each division will go on to round two. In round two, each participant
will have 5 pitches for home runs. At the end, whomever has the highest total of home runs ( combined from rounds 1
and 2 ) will be the winner. If there is a tie in any division there will be a swing off. All tied batters will compete in a one
swing “swing off” until only one batter remains. If no one hits a home run in their age group we will measure the
furthest distance.

Each batter will have 10 balls pitched to them.
To count as a home run, the ball must land on or past the line, on the fly. It must also be in fair territory.
All balls must land before the next pitch can be given.
Fencing distances will vary by age group.
A USA standard bat will be provided by RELL. If you use your own it must meet Little League standards. No wood
bats are allowed. Seniors will need to bring their own bat.
All batters will wear a helmet, it is mandatory.
All players shall wear their local league jersey for the competition.
An L-Screen for baseball pitchers is to be used for the safety of the pitchers.
The only Little Leaguers permitted on the field are the batter and shaggers (max of 5) all of which should remain in
the outfield. Shaggers must allow balls to land (no catching).
Other participants should remain in the dugouts with a league approved adult.
At least 2 judges must be stationed near the outfield fence to judge if the ball landed over the fence.
No bat boys or bat girls are allowed on the field.

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